Pool Technology


Our mission is to provide you with a self-sustaining pool that requires minimal maintenance and personalized functionality. Using state-of-the-art technology, Pool Crafters Custom Poolbuilders will allow you to adjust temperature, lighting and water with the click of a button. Our team of highly trained professionals are here to guide you every step of the way, making the technology easy to understand so you can enjoy its many features.


Infloor Cleaning

Paramount PCC2000 Automatic Infloor Cleaning and Circulation System


The PCC2000 is Paramount’s flagship cleaning system and Pool Crafters is proud to be Palm Beach's exclusive certified installer of this unique and dynamic cleaning system. It comprises an MDX R3 Main Drain at the deepest part of your swimming pool, with strategically placed nozzles on all flat surfaces. This system has a “Water Curtain” which forces all debris into the floor suction. The debris is collected in the Deck Canister, which is simply emptied periodically. This system also reduces the time to heat your swimming pool and the amount of chemicals traditionally used.

Once your pool design is complete, we will send the blueprint to Paramount Pool Products. They will determine the perfect nozzle, MDX and down jets positioning using computer aided design to give you their 99% cleaning guarantee.
PCC2000 a luxury you can not do with out….

Pool and Spa Automation

Pentair EasyTouch and IntelliTouch Automation Systems


Pool Crafters are at the forefront of advanced pool automation. These systems give you the ability to program your swimming pool and outdoor entertaining area with ease. The Pentair pool automation systems are our preferred choice due to consistency across their products. Each control system is easily operated by both beginners and advanced users. It is possible to set schedules for; water features, pool and garden lighting, pump speed and water temperature control. You can also combine heating units (Solar and Gas) and create one-touch functions customized to your preferences.

The advantage of the Pentair automation system is the ability to control your pool and spa from multiple control units. For instance, it is possible to control your pool and spa from any smart phone, tablet, PC, Mac, the Indoor Control Panel, Pool & Spa side Controller and many more.

ECO Pool Pumps

Pentair IntelliFlo Pumps


At Pool Crafters we were the first in Palm Beach Florida to implement the Pentair IntelliFlo Pumps, which allow us to operate multiple pool functions. Functions include solar heating, infloor cleaning and filtration, which traditionally require three separate pumps. This system will conserve space in your equipment room and save money on your electricity bill. The IntelliFlo will control the speed of the pump, which accommodates adjustable water volumes for various pool products, including; spa jets, water blades and laminars that you can control with the touch of a button.