Charles D Miller had been dreaming of putting a pool in his backyard for years. In the late 50s while Charles was working as a union industrial insulator for E.I. Dupont at Washington Works in Parksburg, West Virginia, Dupont was building their Teflon division which included a series of outdoor water and chemical storage ponds. These concrete ponds were lined with fiberglass which Charles was tasked to install. Charles had not had a job like this before. However, he and his insulation crew were able to come up with the means and methods to get the job done. After completing this task, Charles realized that he could use his new experience to build a pool for himself. In the spring of 1960, Charles finally had enough saved up to begin construction on his dream. He hired some local help to work alongside him and together armed with shovels and wheelbarrows, and Charles’ spirit of ingenuity and powerful work ethic; he began building his 1st pool.
When the pool was completed two months later, the whole family was ecstatic! They were not the only ones; the community took notice of the work Charles had done and word quickly got out about his new skill set. People were so impressed that they began to hire Charles to put pools in their yards. It was not long before Charles left his job with Dupont to begin Miller Pools. Some of these pools are still in use today!
Rock Miller, Charles’ youngest son, begin to share the same passion for pool building as his father at a young age. At the age of 16, Rock joined his father on the job and began to learn the pool building trade. Since then Rock has been hands-on with every aspect of pool construction throughout his career. From operating equipment for digging pools and building form work with reinforcing steel to troweling on the plaster and setting tile, Rock has done it all. Rock eventually went out on his own and has owned his own pool business in either West Virginia or in Florida since 1979.
A lot has changed since the first days of Miller Pools. Concrete used to be hand-packed to obtain the desired pool shapes. Now it is pneumatically applied through the use of shot-crete or gunite. Heavy, woven fiberglass linings coated in tinted aqua-blue resin, once used to waterproof pools have given way to trowel applied products such as Pebble Tech. Pool maintenance used to be an arduous task, where now we have self-cleaning pool systems such as Paramount’s PCC2000. Pool Crafters maintains the same spirit of ingenuity that Charles Miller possessed when he founded Miller Pools. At Pool Crafters, it is part of our philosophy to maintain that ingenuity by offering the best equipment and most current technology available on the market to our customers. Contact us today to find out more, we would love the opportunity to speak with you!

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